Bù nhìn can be found at certain events and after completing certain objectives. The looks are purely cosmetic, as functionally they work the same as regular Scarecrows.

# Location
1 Can be purchased from the Stardew Fair event for 800 tokens.

(Reference to the character Turnip Head from Hayao Miyazaki's 'Howl's Moving Castle')

Rarecrow 1
2 Can be found at the Spirit's Eve festival for 5000g Rarecrow 2
3 Can be obtained at the Casino for 10,000 Qi coins. Rarecrow 3
4 Can be found at the Traveling Cart randomly during fall or winter for 4,000g. Rarecrow 4
5 Can be purchased at the Flower Festival for 2,500g. Rarecrow 5
6 Can be obtained from the Dwarf Rarecrow 6
7 Donate 54 items to the Museum. Rarecrow 7
8 Donate 40 items to the Museum. Rarecrow 8
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