Rod normal vs charged

Cục pin được Lightning Rod Lightning Rod tạo ra trong mưa bão.

In order to aquire a battery, during a thunderstorm you'll hear a particular sound, that'll mean that one of your rods it's now charged, pulsating with energy.

On the day after the storm, you'll aquire a free battery from it.


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe From
Iridium Sprinkler
Iridium Sprinkler Waters the 24 adjacent tiles every morning. Gold Bar Thỏi Vàng (1)

Iridium Bar Thỏi Iridium (1) Battery Pack Cục Pin (1)

Nông Nghiệp Level 9
Crystalarium Insert a gem of your choice and it will grow copies. Stone Đá (99)

Gold Bar Thỏi Vàng (5) Iridium Bar Thỏi Iridium (2) Battery Pack Cục Pin (1)

Khai khoáng Level 9
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