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The Charcoal Kiln is a piece of equipment used to burn Wood into Coal, which is used in several Crafting recipes, and to smelt different metals into their respective bars.

It takes 30 Minutes (In-Game Time; ~23 seconds) to change the Wood into Coal. For every 10 Wood (pre 1.07: 20), you will get 1 Coal.

It can also be achieved by completing the Construction Bundle at the Community Center(198 wood, 99 stone, 10 hardwood), which can be easier to get in the early game than acquiring a gold bar for the recipe.


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe From
Charcoal Kiln Charcoal Kiln Turns 10 pieces of wood into one piece of coal. Wood Wood (20)Gold Bar Gold Bar (1) 24px Foraging Level 4

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