Bait can be bought at The Fish Shop for 5g each, or found while fishing. It cannot be used with the Bamboo Pole. Only the Fiberglass Rod (unlocked at Fishing skill level 2) or the Iridium Rod can use bait.


To attach the bait to your rod, left-click the bait in your backpack (or right-click to pick up a single one), then right-click the rod.
On an Xbox controller, press A on the bait to select the whole stack (or X to pick up a single one), then X to attach to the rod.
Only one bait will be consumed per use. The remaining bait can be detached by right-clicking the rod in your backpack or pressing X on the Controller.


Image Name Description Sell Price Ingredients Recipe From
Bait Bait (5) Causes fish to bite faster. Must first be attached to a fishing rod. 1g Bug Meat Bug Meat (1) 24px Câu cá Level 2
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