Trash has a chance to be collected when fishing. Trash is the less favourable alternative when fishing as fish are worth more to sell and have far more uses. Trash can be used in a Recycling Machine to produce far more useful materials.


Name Description Produce from Recycling
Trash It's junk. Stone Đá (1-3) HOẶCCoal Than (3) HOẶC Iron Ore Quặng Sắt (1)
Broken CD It's a JojaNet 2.0 trial CD. They must've made a billion of these things. Refined Quartz Thạch Anh tinh luyện (1)
Driftwood A piece of wood from the sea. Refined Quartz Thạch Anh tinh luyện (1-2) (Hiếm) HOẶCWood Gỗ (1 or 3)
Joja Cola The flagship product of the Joja corporation. Cannot be recycled. Instead, +13 energy and +5 health on consumption.
Broken Glasses Looks like someone lost their glasses. They're busted. Refined Quartz Thạch Anh tinh luyện (1)
Soggy Newspaper This is trash. Torch Đuốc (3) OR Cloth Vải (1) (Hiếm)
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