Eggs are used to produce various Meals and can also be whipped into Mayonnaise using a Mayonnaise Machine.

There are Four variants of eggs: White, Brown, Duck, and Void. Each able to produce their corresponding animal when hatched through the incubator.

White Eggs and Brown Eggs can also come in a variant of "Large Egg", Which when put through the Mayonnaise Machine produces Gold star Mayonnaise.

Void eggs can be gained by void chickens, but can also be gained in a random event in which a witch visits your coop at night, making one appear. They cannot be turned into Mayonnaise using a Mayonnaise Machine.

Sell prices

  • White: 25G icon
  • Brown: 25G icon
  • Duck: 50G icon
  • Void: 50G icon


Chickens have a chance to produce eggs every morning. Happier chickens may produce larger, more valuable eggs.

Image Name Cost Produces 5 Heart Selling Price
White Chicken Chicken

Gold 800g

Egg Egg - 25g
Large White Egg Large Egg - 50g

Gold 1,040g

Brown Chicken Chicken

Gold 800g

Brown Egg Brown Egg - 25g
Large Brown Egg Large Brown Egg - 50g

Gold 1,040g

Void Chicken Void Chicken n/a Void Egg Void Egg - 50g

Gold 1,040g

To obtain a Void Chicken; in a random event after you sleep a witch will fly over one of your coops, leaving you with a void egg in the morning. Putting that egg into an incubator will result in hatching a void chicken.


Image Name Cost Requirements Produces 5 Heart Selling Price
Duck Duck

Gold 4,000g

Big Coop Duck EggDuck Egg - 50g
Duck Feather Duck Feather - 110g

Gold 5,200g

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