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Bug Meat is a Đánh quái which is dropped from a number of bug-type enemies. It can be used to make bait.



Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe From
Bait Bait (5) Used with Fiberglass/Iridium fishing rods. Causes fish to bite faster. Bug Meat Xác Côn trùng (1) 24px Câu cá Level 2
Wild Bait Wild bait (5) User with Fiberglass/Iridium fishing rods. Appeals to all fish Fiber Bó cỏ (10)Bug Meat Xác Côn trùng (5)Slime Slime (5) Linus Linus Friendship event


Bug Meat does not make a good gift. Being Monster Loot, Bug Meat is a Universal Dislike and will generally decrease your standing with a villager.

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