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Bath House, Womens changing room, the player is standing before Abigail's Locker.

The Bath House is an area in Stardew Valley in the North behind Robin's house. The bathhouse is next to the Railroad, which opens up after an earthquake clears the path near the Mine and Adventurer's Guild.


The bathhouse is separated into dressing rooms for males and females, connecting to the communal bath. Each dressing room has an exercise room, lockers, and showers. Most of them are in poor condition when you first find them, with comments on the smell.


Similar to other Harvest Moon games, the Bath House helps recover energy over time, but quickly. This makes it a valuable area to visit, as it provides a free way to recharge your energy. An important thing to note is that you must be standing still in the water to receive these effects.


  • Outside the bathhouse, the player can fish for a necklace Abigail lost.