Bats can be found in the mines. They drop 1-2 Bat Wings when you kill them.

You need to kill 200 of them for Gil's Monster Eradication Goals located at the Adventurer's Guild. At a certain level in the mines mist appears and multiple bats attack you in waves. This happens more often on days of bad luck.


Bat Bats can be found in The Mines at levels 1-39. They have 24 hp and 6 attack.
Frost Bat
Frost Bat Frost Bats can be found in The Mines at levels 40-79. They have 36 hp and 7 attack.
Lava Bat
Lava Bat Lava Bats can be found in The Mines at levels 80-119. They have 80 hp and 15 attack.



BatThe Mines, level 31-39 and the Wilderness Farm Bat Wing (90%) Bat Wing (40%) Bomb (20%) Dwarf Scroll I (0.5%) Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%) Rare Disc (0.1%)


Frost BatThe Mines, level 40-79 Bat Wing (90%) Bat Wing (55%) Bomb (2%) Dwarf Scroll II (0.5%) Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%) Rare Disc (0.1%)Lava BatThe Mines, level 80-119, randomly in the Skull Cavern Bat Wing (90%) Bat Wing (70%) Bomb (20%) Dwarf Scroll III (0.5%) Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%) Rare Disc (0.1%)


Iridium BatSkull Cavern level 50+ Battery Pack (5%) Energy Tonic (5%) Iridium Bar (0.8%) Iridium Ore (90%) Iridium Ore (50%) Iridium Ore (25%) Iridium Ore (10%) Life Elixir (5%) Mega Bomb (5%) Solar Essence (50%)