Stardew Valley Wiki

Stardew Valley contains a wide variety of NPCs, also referred to as villagers. All villagers have their own unique stories, which you can find out about by interacting and raising friendship, or 'hearts' with the villagers. Friendship can be raised by daily interactions and gifting to the villagers.

Name Gender Marriable Giftable Job Address Portrait
Abigail Female Yes Yes None Pierre's General Store Abigail-Portrait 192px
Alex Male Yes Yes None 1 River Road Alex-Portrait 192px
Birdie Female No No None Ginger Island link= Portrait
Bouncer Male No No Bouncer Calico Desert Bouncer
Caroline Female No Yes None Pierre's General Store Caroline-Portrait 192px
Clint Male No Yes Blacksmith Blacksmith Clint-Portrait 192px
Demetrius Male No Yes Scientist Carpenter's Shop Demetrius-Portrait 192px
Dwarf Unknown No Yes Merchant Mines Dwarf-Portrait 192px
Elliott Male Yes Yes Writer Elliott’s Cabin Elliott-Portrait 192px
Emily Female Yes Yes Stardrop Saloon (Part-time) 2 Willow Lane Emily-Portrait 192px
Evelyn Female No Yes Community Garden 1 River Road Evelyn-Portrait 192px
George Male No Yes None 1 River Road George-Portrait 192px
Gil Male No No Unknown Adventurer's Guild Gil-Portrait 192px
Governor Male No Yes Governor Unknown Governor-Portrait 192px
Grandpa Male No No (Former) Farmer Farm Grandpa
Gunther Male No No Archaeologist Stardew Valley Museum & Library Gunther-Portrait 192px
Gus Male No Yes Bartender Stardrop Saloon Gus-Portrait 192px
Haley Female Yes Yes None 2 Willow Lane Haley-Portrait 192px
Harvey Male Yes Yes Doctor Harvey's Clinic Harvey-Portrait 192px
Jas Female (Child) No Yes None Marnie's Ranch Jas-Portrait 192px
Jodi Female No Yes None 1 Willow Lane Jodi-Portrait 192px
Kent Male No Yes (Former) Soldier 1 Willow Lane Kent-Portrait 192px
Krobus Unknown No Yes Merchant The Sewers Krobus-Portrait 192px
Leah Female Yes Yes Artist Leah's Cottage Leah-Portrait 192px
Leo Male No Yes None Treehouse on Ginger Island Leo
Lewis Male No Yes Mayor Mayor's Manor Lewis-Portrait 192px
Linus Male No Yes None Linus' Tent Linus-Portrait 192px
Marlon Male No No Merchant Adventurer's Guild Marlon-Portrait 192px
Marnie Female No Yes Farmer/Merchant Marnie's Ranch Marnie-Portrait 192px
Maru Female Yes Yes Nurse/Shop Clerk Carpenter's Shop Maru-Portrait 192px
Morris Male No No JojaMart Customer Associate Unknown Morris-Portrait 192px
Mr. Qi Male No No Casino Owner Casino link= Qi portrait
Pam Female No Yes Bus Driver

(Completed Vault Bundle)

Trailer Pam-Portrait 192px
Penny Female Yes Yes None Trailer Penny-Portrait 192px
Pierre Male No Yes Shop Owner/Clerk Pierre's General Store Pierre-Portrait 192px
Robin Female No Yes Carpenter Carpenter's Shop Robin-Portrait 192px
Sam Male Yes Yes JojaMart (Part-time) 1 Willow Lane Sam-Portrait 192px
Sandy Female No Yes Shop Owner/Clerk Oasis Sandy-Portrait 192px
Sebastian Male Yes Yes Freelance Programmer Carpenter's Shop Sebastian-Portrait 192px
Shane Male Yes Yes JojaMart (Stock clerk) Marnie's Ranch Shane-Portrait 192px
Vincent Male (Child) No Yes None 1 Willow Lane Vincent-Portrait 192px
Willy Male No Yes Fisherman Fish Shop Willy-Portrait 192px
Wizard Male No Yes Wizard Wizard's Tower Wizard-Portrait 192px