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Two chickens sleeping in a coop

Chickens are animals that live in the coop and its upgraded versions. They can be purchased from Marnie's Ranch for 800G each, they can also be hatched from incubators with an egg if the player has a Big Coop or above. Once purchased or hatched the player has to give the chicken a name; the game also offers the player a basic name if you cannot decide the name. (The name can be changed later)

There are 3 main colors of chickens: brown, white, and blue (note that the blue chicken is only obtained after Shane's 8 heart event). The color of a chicken is randomly decided. White and blue chickens lay white eggs, while brown chickens lay brown eggs. Fore mood boost close the chickens in when it rains.


Chickens can produce eggs every day. Once your friendship with a chicken is good enough they will produce Large Eggs.

Name Image Description Sell price
Brown Egg.png
A regular white chicken egg.

A regular brown chicken egg.

Large Egg
Large Egg.png
Large Brown Egg.png
It's an uncommonly large white egg!

It's an uncommonly large brown egg




On the day the player buys or hatches a chicken it does not need to be fed. Babies and adult chickens require the same amount of care and food. Baby chicks that have been fed will reach maturity on their third day.

To feed chickens you must get hay, either by cutting grass or by buying it from Marnie. To store the hay, you must have a silo. If there is grass outside, the chickens will eat it instead of the hay and give them a mood boost. However, this is not possible during winter, when they do not go outside, and grass doesn't grow. If let outside, chickens will return at 5pm.