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Combat is the ability to fight monsters in Stardew Valley. The combat skill is unlocked at the same time the Mines open up the the Player. Skill is based on Player's own ability to fight off monster Combat skill is increased by fighting monsters. Each level adds +5 health points

Level Crafting Recipes Choose a profession Note
1 Sturdy Ring -
2 Life Elixir -
3 Roots Platter -
4 Warrior Ring -
  • Fighter: All attacks deal 10% more damage. +15 HP.
  • Scout: Critical strike chance increased by 50%.
6 Slime Egg-Press

Oil of Garlic

7 Ring of Yoba -
8 Slime Incubator

Explosive Ammo

9 Iridium Band -
10 Fighter:

  • Brute: Damage is increased by 15%.
  • Defender: HP is increased by 25.


  • Acrobat: Cooldown on special moves is cut in half.
  • Desperado: Critical hits are deadly.