The Crab Pot is an item used to catch fish. It can be used in streams, lakes, ponds, and the ocean.


Crab Pots can be purchased at fishing skill level 3 from Willy in the Fish Shop on the Beach for 1500G. Players can also obtain three crab pots by completing the Crab Pot Bundle in the Community Center. Additionally, they can be crafted using 40 Wood and 3 Iron Bars. With the Trapper profession (skill level 5), they cost 25 Wood and 2 Copper Bars to craft.


To use the Crab Pot, place it in the water, load it with bait and check it the next day to see if anything has been caught. Bait is unlocked with fishing skill level 2. Once the player unlocks Luremaster (skill level 10 and Trapper profession), the pot no longer requires bait.

Image Name Location Sell Price Recipe Use
Clam Ocean NoStar: 50g
SilverStar: 62g
GoldStar: 75g
Chowder, Maki Roll, Sashimi
Cockle Freshwater (River, Lake, Pond) NoStar: 62g
SilverStar: 77g
GoldStar: 93g
Maki Roll, Sashimi
Crab Ocean NoStar: 125g Crab Cakes, Maki Roll, Sashimi
Crayfish Freshwater (River, Lake, Pond) NoStar: 93g Maki Roll, Sashimi
Lobster Ocean NoStar: 150g Lobster Bisque, Maki Roll, Sashimi
Mussel Ocean NoStar: 37g
SilverStar: 46g
GoldStar: 56g
Maki Roll, Sashimi
Oyster Ocean NoStar: 50g
SilverStar: 62g
GoldStar: 75g
Maki Roll, Sashimi
Periwinkle Freshwater (River, Lake, Pond) NoStar 25g Maki Roll, Sashimi, Strange Bun
Shrimp Ocean NoStar75g Maki Roll, Sashimi, Tom Kha Soup
Snail Freshwater (River, Lake, Pond) NoStar 81g Escargot, Maki Roll, Sashimi

Other non-fish items can be obtained with a Crab Pot. Once the player unlocks Mariner (skill level 10 and Trapper profession), Crab Pots will no longer produce junk items.

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