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The Festival of Ice is on Winter 8th and starts at 9 AM near Marnie's Ranch. When you get there, ice sculptures and igloos will be set up across the area. There is a frozen lake in the middle of the fields with Mayor Lewis standing in the center. Talking to him a few times will start the Ice Fishing Contest. You will verse Pam, Willy, and Elliott. If you catch at least 5 fish you will win the event. The first year you win the prizes are 2 tackles, bait, and a sailor hat. If you win more than once (in a different year) the prize is 2000g.

Name Description Item
Sailor's Cap It's fresh and starchy. Hat
Dressed Spinner pic.png Dressed Spinner The metal tab and colorful streamers create an enticing spectacle for fish. Increases bite-rate when fishing. Fishing Tackle
Barbed Hook Makes your catch more secure, causing the "fishing bar" to cling to your catch. Works best on slow, weak fish. Fishing Tackle
Magnet Increases the chance of finding treasures when fishing. However, fish aren't crazy about the taste. Bait


  • Evelyn explains to the player that she and George met at the Festival of Ice many years ago. He had thrown a snowball at her, and later checked to see if she was alright.
  • Sam, through dialogue right before the event, mentions to the player an instance where Gus fell into the river one year during the Festival of Ice, and they had to thaw him out inside the inn.

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