JojaMart is a mart owned by the MegaCorp Joja Corporation. Its pristine clean walls and cold, uninviting atmosphere serves to remind the player why they've escaped to the country to begin with. Morris handles JojaMart PR (Public Relations), and he seems to live there as well. He offers players the opportunity to purchase a JojaMart Membership for the sum of Gold.png5000g.

After purchasing the JojaMart Membership the Community Center will be made into a warehouse. From there on the rewards for completing the bundles can no longer be obtained inside the Community Center, but can be purchased from Morris in JojaMart instead. Upon completing all bundles through JojaMart the player will be rewarded with a soda machine which produces one JojaCola each day. If the player chooses to restore the Community Center instead, it will result in JojaMart closing.


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