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'J'uice is an Artisan Good that is made by placing Vegetables in a Keg and waiting about 4 Days.


List of Juice

Juice Sell Price % Worth Increase Time In Keg (approx.) Raw Material

Sell Price

Raw Material
Pale Ale 300g 1200% 1.5 Days 25g Hops
Beer 200g 800% 25g Wheat
Eggplant Juice 202g 306% 66g Eggplant
Corn Juice 168g 305% 55g Corn
Pumpkin Juice 720g 225% 3 Days 320g Pumpkin
Bok Choy Juice 180g 225% 3.5 Days 80g Bok Choy
Yam Juice 540g 307% 176g Yam
Garlic Juice 202g 306% 66g Garlic
Radish Juice 303g 306% 99g Radish
Green Bean Juice 135g 307% 44g Green Bean
Kale Juice 370g 306% 121g Kale
Amaranth Juice 337g 225% 150g Amaranth