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Leo is a boy who lives on Ginger Island. His parents were lost at sea, and he considers the parrots on the island to be his family. When the player first discovers the island, he is too shy to speak to them, until the player "makes friends" with the parrots of the island by giving Golden Walnuts to the first parrot by the turtle.

Once the player reaches six hearts with Leo, he moves to the town of Stardew Valley, where he befriends Linus, Vincent, and Jas.


On Ginger Island, Leo is friends with the parrots, who he also considers his family. Once Leo moves to Stardew Valley, he bonds with Linus and begins attending Penny's lessons with Vincent and Jas. Based on some of his dialogue, it's suggested that he has a crush on Jas.


Loved gifts

"I love this. I'm going to put it in my nest."

All Universal Loves, Duck Feather, Mango, Ostrich Egg, Poi.

Liked gifts

"Are you sure? This is so nice..."

All Universal Likes (except for Beer, Coffee, Mead, Pale Ale, Pina Colada, Wine, and Cooking, other than Bread, Fried Egg, Poi, Mango Sticky Rice, and Triple Shot Espresso), Dragon Tooth, Mango Sticky Rice, Nautilus Shell, Quartz, Rainbow Shell, Sea Urchin, Spice Berry.

Neutral gifts

"I accept your gift."

All Universal Neutrals (except for Duck Feather, Hops, Nautilus Shell, and Rainbow Shell), all eggs (except Ostrich and Void Egg), all Fish, all fruit (except Mango, Salmonberry, and Spice Berry), all milk, Coffee.

Disliked gifts

"Oh...I don't know if I can digest this..."

All Universal dislikes (except for Oil, Unmilled Rice, and Fish), All Cooked dishes (other than Bread, Fried Egg, Poi, Mango Sticky Rice, and Triple Shot Espresso), Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Daffodil, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Leek, Magma Cap, Pickles, Purple Mushroom, Salmonberry, Snow Yam, Wild Horseradish, Winter Root.

Hated gifts

"*sniff* *sniff* ... why are you giving this to me? Do you want me to bury it for you?"

All Universal Hates (except for Dragon Tooth and Sea Urchin), Beer, Holly, Hops, Mead, Morel, Oil, Pale Ale, Pina Colada, Triple Shot Espresso, Unmilled Rice, Wine.

Heart Events

Two Hearts

Enter West Island on a sunny day.

The player is standing by the shore when Leo approaches them from behind. He asks what the player is doing.

  • Just enjoying the waves. (No effect on friendship.)
  • Looking for fish. (No effect on friendship.)
  • Thinking about someone special. (No effect on friendship.)
  • Pondering the big questions. (No effect on friendship.)

Leo then asks what the player's home is like.

  • There's a town full of people. (No effect on friendship.)
  • There's forests, beaches, and mountains. (No effect on friendship.)
  • It's like here, but colder. (No effect on friendship.)
  • I live on a farm. (No effect on friendship.)

Leo thinks about your words for a bit before asking if there are any kids in Pelican Town

  • Yes. (No effect on friendship.)
  • What does that matter to a bird? (No effect on friendship.)

Regardless of the answer, Leo says he's aware he's not really a bird, and he tries to avoid thinking about it because it makes him feel lonely. He tries to fit in with the parrots, but knows he truly doesn't belong anywhere. He runs off before Willy enters the scene, wondering if there's any way to help him.

Three Hearts

Leo sends the player a recipe for Poi in the mail.

Four Hearts

Enter Island North on a sunny day between 6am and 6pm.

The player approaches Leo from behind. Leo squawks like a parrot and startles the player, which startles Leo in turn. Leo then apologizes and explains that he has difficulty communicating using words, then asks the player if they find him weird. Leo wonders about the differences in his life if he hadn't been washed ashore and wonders about what "normal kids" would have to say about him. Leo then asks the player if they think he could ever be a normal kid again. After the player answers, he states that he's happy he met the parrots regardless, and that he will always consider them family no matter what. Leo thanks the player for talking to him and says that the player may be a part of his family too, someday. He then teaches the player how to say "let's play" in parrot-talk.

Note that none of the dialogue options in this cutscene affect friendship with Leo.

Six Hearts

Enter Island South on a sunny day between 6am and 6pm.

Linus invites Leo to move to the mainland of Stardew Valley. Willy says that there are other children there, and Leo can visit Ginger Island anytime he wants to. Willy asks the player what they think. (Choices have no effect on friendship).

Leo decides to move to Stardew Valley. That night, parrots build him a treehouse in the tree to the left of Linus' tent.

Seven Hearts

Leo will send the player a recipe for Mango Sticky Rice in the mail.

Nine Hearts

Enter the Mountain on a non-rainy day between 6am and 7pm.

Leo is shown adjusting well to life in Stardew Valley. He is seen cooking a bean hotpot with Linus on the campfire. In the next scene, he is at school at the library/museum with Penny, Vincent and Jas answering a question correctly. Another scene shows him fishing with Willy. The scene after has him watching Jas from the bushes in the playground, and running away when she notices. He arrives home at the treehouse and talks to his parrot friend about how good his day was, but he still misses Ginger Island.