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Linus is a villager living in Stardew Valley. He lives in a tent north of the town above the carpenter shop on a cliff facing the river. He loves his solitary life though still longs to participate in town events. Sadly, he claims that he would not be welcomed by the others in town. If the player passes out in the mine, Linus will carry them away to their farm. He appears to have a deep knowledge of the mine.

Daily Routine


Monday - Sunday

Time Location
6:30 AM Behind the bush next to his tent.
7:00 AM In front of his tent, next to the campfire.
9:30 AM Leaving campground to stand next to the lake.
10:00 AM Standing next to the lake near his campground.
2:00 PM Heads back to camp.
2:30 PM In front of his tent, next to the campfire.
7:00 PM Inside his tent.


Time Location
6:40 AM Inside his tent.
9:40 AM Behind the bush next to his tent.
10:20 AM Inside his tent.
3:10 PM Standing under the purple leaf tree near his tent.


Sunday - Saturday

Time Place
6:40 AM Overlooking the lake from the cliff his campsite is on.
9:40 AM Leaving campground to stand next to lake.
10:20 AM Standing next to the lake near his campground.
1:10 PM Standing further south, near a really long fence.
4:00 PM Heads back to camp.
4:40 PM In front of his tent, next to the campfire.
8:00 PM Behind the bush next to his tent.
8:20 PM Inside his tent.

Rainy days

6:40 AM Inside his tent.
9:40 AM Behind the bush next to his tent.
10:20 AM Inside his tent.
3:10 PM Standing under the purple leaf tree near his tent.
7:10 PM Inside his tent.


Sunday - Saturday

Time Place
6:40 AM Inside his tent.
7:10 AM Behind a bush, next to his tent.
7:40 AM Next to his campfire.
9:30 AM Outside the spa.
12:50 PM Next to the lake by his campsite.
6:30 PM Inside his tent for the rest of the night.

|---Rainy Days---|

Time Place
6:40 AM Inside his tent.
9:40 AM Behind a bush, next to his tent.
10:20 AM Inside his tent.
3:10 PM Under the purple-leaf tree.
7:10 PM Inside his tent for the rest of the night.



Time Place
12:40 PM Outside his tent
3:00 PM Inside Spa.


Time Place
5:00 PM Inside Spa
8:30 PM Inside Tent


Time Place
04:00 PM Inside Spa



"This is wonderful! You've really made my day special." Blueberry Tart, Cactus Fruit, Coconut, Dish O' The Sea, Yams.


"This is a great gift. Thank you!" Algae Soup, Apple, Apricot, Beer, Blackberry, Blackberry Cobbler, Blueberry, Chanterelle, Cheese, Cherry, Chocolate Cake, Cloth, Coffee, Cookies, Common Mushroom, Cranberry, Cranberry Sauce, Crocus, Daffodil, Dandelion, Egg (All except Void), Eggplant, Grape, Hazelnut, Holly, Honey, Hot Pepper, Ice Cream, Jelly (Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Salmonberry), Leek, Mayonnaise (All types), Milk (All types), Morel, Omelet, Pale Ale, Pancakes, Parsnip, Pickles (Corn, Tomato), Pizza, Pomegranate, Potato, Salad, Radish, Salmonberry, Sashimi, Snow Yam, Spaghetti, Spice Berry, Spring Onion, Strawberry, Sunflower, Sweet Pea, Tomato, Trout Soup, Wild Horseradish, Wild Plum, Wine (Blackberry, Hot Pepper, Salmonberry, Strawberry), Winter Root


"A gift? How nice." Bread, Bullhead, Clam, Cockle, Coral, Crab, Crayfish, Decorative Bowl, Fried Egg, Halibut, Herring, Hops, Oyster, Rainbow Trout, Red Mullet, Sunfish, Wheat


"Hmm... This doesn't really do much for me." Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cave Carrot, Clay, Copper Bar, Copper Ore, Emerald, Field Snack, Fish, Gemstones, Gold Bar, Hardwood, Jade, Joja Cola, Maple Seed, Nekoite, Ruby, Topaz, Void Egg


"Why would you give this to me? Do you think I like junk just because I live in a tent? That's terrible." Bat Wing, Carp, Dwarf Scroll I, Green Algae, Monster Meat, Poppy, Red Mushroom, Sap, Sea Urchin, Stone, Sugar, Torch, Trash, Bait, Mermaid's Pendant, Rain Totem, Muscle Remedy, Void Mayonnaise, White Algae



I don't need new friends.

I'm happy by myself.

"Please don't destroy my tent. It's happened before."

"It would be nice if the townspeople could accept me for who I am, a old man. Living out here in the open air. That's what they don't understand."

"Whenever you catch a fish take a moment to thank it for its sacrifice. Even if you don't believe in the spirit of the fish, it's a good mental exercise. We need to be aware of our effect on the environment."

"I have my own reasons for living alone like this." "Some things are best left unsaid."

"I also spend a lot of time reading books. One of the reasons I stopped in the valley was for the great library , idiot ."


In most of the festivals Linus will stay far away from the crowd.

Egg Festival

  • "No one really talks to me...I just come for the deviled eggs."


  • "A slow, continuous rotation is key to achieving the perfect roast."

Dance of the Moonlight Jellies

  • "I'll just sneak up when the jellies arrive...I don't want to bother anyone."

Spirit's Eve

  • He will stand together with the Wizard north of the Maze. Neither of them is reachable during the event.

Festival of Ice

  • "Igloo-building's an art I picked up from the tundra dwellers who live beyond the frozen sea. That was many years ago. An igloo makes a nice home, but it's easier to just stay in my tent year-round."


2 Hearts

(This event may trigger regardless of your friendship with Linus. It is unknown whether this is intentional or a bug.)

If the player visits the town at night, they may witness Linus looking through George, Evelyn, and Alex's trash can. George hears the rustling from the trash can and walks outside, asking the player to scare off the "raccoons" digging through his garbage. The player continues to the trash can and sees Linus hiding beside the house. He apologizes to the player and explains that he doesn't want to let perfectly good food go to waste. Linus then asks if the player thinks what he's doing is OK. Possible responses:

  • "Yes, it's disgusting."
  • "No, it's a shame to waste perfectly good food." - With this answer, Linus is pleased that the player understands him and happily gives them a message for George, "The raccoons are gone for good."
  • "You should stop mooching off others and get a job." - Linus explains that not everyone is cut out for that kind of lifestyle, then dejectedly tells the player that they can tell George, "The raccoons are gone for good." Once the player leaves, and Linus goes to rummage through a different trashcan.

Once the player leaves, Linus starts to go through the Stardrop Saloon's trashcan, only to be caught by Gus. Gus says, "You don't have to hide, Linus, I know what you're doing there. If you need food, just ask. I can't stand for anyone in Pelican Town to go hungry! Here! I made you a basket of zucchini fritters... just make sure you dip them in my special spicy marinara sauce!"

Cutscene video

3 Hearts

After gaining 3 hearts with Linus you will receive the following notice and recipe in the mail:

Linus 3 hearts.png

4 Hearts


Go into the northern woods at night to trigger this cut scene. In it, Linus invites the player to stand by the fire pit. He apologizes for mistrusting the player at first and comments on how they are uncommonly nice to him. He invites the player inside his tent to see a special kind of fish bait that he makes. He then gives them the recipe for "Wild Fish Bait," and the cut scene ends. (Comment: I got this cutscene with 3 hearts so it may a possible bug)

Cutscene video

8 Hearts

Exit the Carpenter's Shop on an autumn day. Linus is foraging for berries in the nearby bushes, and is walking up to leave the mountain when Robin and the player exit the building. Robin is startled, but then offers Linus some food, which he declines. Robin points out that the player looks like they have something to say. Possible responses:

  • "I'm just pleased Linus is doing well..." - Linus will be relieved that the player didn't invite him to live on the farm with them, and thanks them for being his closest friend and never trying to "fix" him.
  • "I'd like to invite Linus to live on the farm with me." - Robin will offer to build a home on the player's property, but Linus politely declines, albeit a little hurt since he says he chooses to live the way he does. He then tells the player he appreciates their friendship, but they shouldn't try to "help" him.

Afterward, Linus will leave, commenting on the "sweet aroma of berries" in the forest air.


  • One quest involves Linus asking for someone to fish him up some Green Algae.
  • It's blackberry season (Fall), and Linus needs help finding his basket. It can be found upon following the bus road to the left--near the tunnel. Blackberry Basket Quest Video.
  • One quest involves Linus asking for a Herring.
  • Another quest involves Linus asking for a Quartz


Fun Facts

  • Occasionally if you speak to Linus, he will mention he has ventured down deep into the mines.
  • You can toggle the Campfire in front of Linus' tent. This seems to have no effect on the game whatsoever (no special dialogue, no effect on friendship, etc.) Linus will never re-light the fire if you put it out, so you can put it out or rekindle it whenever you like.
  • Linus won't mind if you go through other people's trash, unlike every other character in the game.


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