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The Magma Geode is a mineral that can be found in levels 81-120 in the Mine and inside Fishing treasure chests. It costs 25g to open.

Magma Geode Contents


Image Name Description Sell Price Probability
Dwarf Gadget.png
Dwarf Gadget It's a piece of the advanced technology once known to the dwarves. It's still glowing and humming, but you're unable to understand how it works. 200g 1/26

Foraged Minerals

Image Name Description Sell Price Probability
Fire Quartz.png
Fire Quartz A glowing red crystal commonly found near hot lava. 100g 1/16

Geode Minerals

Image Name Description Sell Price Probability
Baryte The best specimens resemble a desert rose. 50g 1/26
Basalt Forms near searing hot magma. 175g 1/26
Bixite A dark metallic Mineral sought after for its cubic structure. 300g 1/26
Dolomite It can occur in coral reefs, often near an underwater volcano. 300g 1/26
Fire Opal.png
Fire Opal A rare variety of opal, named for its red spots. 350g 1/26
Helvite It grows in a triangular column. 450g 1/26
Jasper When polished, this stone becomes attactively luminous. Prized by ancient peoples for thousands of years. 150g 1/26
Lemon Stone.png
Lemon Stone Some claim the powdered crystal is a dwarvish delicacy. 200g 1/26
Neptunite A jet-black crystal that is unusually reflective. 400g 1/26
Obsidian A volcanic glass that forms when lava cools rapidly. 200g 1/26
Star Shards.png
Star Shards No one knows how these form. Some scientists claim that the microscopic structure displays unnatural regularity. 500g 1/26
Tigerseye A stripe of shimmering gold gives this gem a warm luster. 275g 1/26


Image Name Description Sell Price Probability
Stone small.png
Stone A common material with many uses in crafting and building. 2g 1/8
Clay Used in crafting and construction. 20g 1/16
Coal A combustible rock that is useful for crafting and smelting. 15g 1/20
Copper Ore A common ore that can be smelted into bars. 5g 1/20
Iron Ore small.png
Iron Ore A fairly common ore that can be smelted into bars. 10g 1/20
Gold Ore small.png
Gold Ore A precious ore that can be smelted into bars. 25g 1/20
Iridium Ore.png
Iridium Ore An exotic ore with many curious properties. Can be smelted into bars. 100g 1/20