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Pierre is a villager living in Stardew Valley. He is the owner of Pierre's, a general store in Pelican Town. Being a local store, he is in fierce competition with JojaMart, a corporate supermarket that recently moved to town. Every Friday after he closes the shop, he relaxes at the saloon.


Caroline-Portrait 192px.png
Caroline (Wife)
Abigail (Daughter)



"This was my all-time favorite! Thank you!"

Fried Calamari, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.


"That's very kind of you. I like this."

Apricot, Artichoke, Beer, Blackberry Cobbler, Blue Jazz, Bok Choy, Bruschetta, Carp Surprise, Cheese, Chocolate Cake, Chowder, Cloth, Coffee, Cookies, Crab Cakes, Cranberry Sauce, Crocus, Daffodil, Dandelion, Diamond, Eggs (All but Void), Eggplant, Eggplant Parmesan, Fiddlehead Fern, Fiddlehead Risotto, Fried Eel, Goat Cheese, Green Bean, Ice Cream, Jelly (Blackberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Salmonberry), Juice (Any), Kale, Maki Roll, Maple Bar, Mayonnaise (All types), Milk, Orange, Pale Ale, Pancakes, Parsnip, Pepper Poppers, Pickled (Tomato), Pink Cake, Pizza, Roots Platter, Salad, Sashimi, Spicy Eel, Summer Spangle, Sweet Pea, Tomato, Trout Soup, Tulip, Wild Honey, Wine (Blackberry, Grape, Strawberry)


"A present? Thanks!"

Blackberry, Blueberry, Bread, Cauliflower, Clam, Coconut, Coral, Cranberry, Crystal Fruit, Fried Egg, Green Bean, Grapes, Hops, Hot Pepper, Melon, Sashimi, Spice Berry, Strawberry, Sunflower, Wheat


"This isn't exactly my favorite..."

Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cave Carrot, Chanterelle, Clay, Common Mushroom, Copper Bar, Emerald, Fiber, Gold Bar, Hardwood, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Limestone, Pyrite, Quartz, Ruby, Salmonberry, Spring Onion, Topaz, Void Egg, Wild Horseradish, Winter Root


"Please, never bring this to me again."

Bat Wing, Bone Flute, Corn, Crab, Crayfish, Garlic, Green Algae, Herring, Lobster, Parsnip Soup, Poppy, Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Strange Bun, Tortilla, Tuna, Joja Cola.



  • "*sigh* ... I've got those behind-the-counter- blues..."
  • "Is it just me or is there a cold draft in here?"
  • "If I didn't have this shop to run I would be outside right now. It would be fun to throw a snowball."
  • "Sometimes I get new items in stock, so make sure to stop by every so often. It's a lot of work to run a shop."
  • "Everyone's enjoying the weather instead of shopping...*sigh*"



  • "Hmm...maybe if I get on the governor's good side he'll give my business a tax break...I wonder if he likes aged whiskey? Now if only the Mayor would stop schmoozing with him all afternoon."

Dance of the Moonlight Jellies

  • "Psst...Make sure to swing by the shop tomorrow to get your fall seeds!"

Festival of Ice

  • "The snow is so cold I can't feel my fingers anymore..."


You walk into Pierre and Caroline's room and you find Pierre's *secret stash*. He walks into the room angrily and tells you to give it to him. Pierre "Promise me you won't tell anyone about this."

  • "Your secret is safe with me." +70 friendship points. He thanks you and says in return he won't tell anyone you were snooping in his room. He then complains he has to find a new hiding spot.
  • "Your wife deserves to know about this." -500 friendship points. He says "You would really do that to me? You're terrible. You shouldn't have been snooping around in my bedroom in the first place! Nosy neighbors are the worst. *grumble* I have to find a new hiding spot...*grumble*"



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