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Home of Pierre, Caroline & Abigail, located in the center of town, to the right of Harvey's Clinic and north of the Stardrop Saloon.


The produce and food store of the town, this shop sells produce, flower and tree seeds, basic food supplies (Rice, Oil, Flour, Sugar and Vinegar), wallpaper, flooring, fertilizer and bouquets (which is needed to date your potential partner).


Abigail's Room

Abigail's Room.png
Note: The player needs two hearts with Abigail to enter her room.

Pierre's and Caroline's Room

Pierre & Caroline's Room.png
Note: The player needs two hearts with either Pierre or Caroline to enter their room.

Yoba Shrine

This is a shrine built by the previous owners. The townsfolk are allowed to use it even though Pierre, Caroline and Abigail don't follow the religion. There are six seats and four pillars in the middle of the room, along with a large golden shrine at the north wall.

Workout time summer.png

Living Room/Workout area

The living room is wide and spacious. There is a fireplace on the north wall and three cushions set before it. During the month of summer, the women of the town (Caroline, Emily, Jodi, Marnie and Robin) go to work out in the middle of the day.


Open 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Closed Wednesday)

Open 9:00 AM to 9:00PM on Sunday


Item Growth Duration Special Attributes Price Sell Season
Pumpkin Seeds 13 Days 100 Gold Fall
Corn Seeds 14 Days 150 Gold 55 Gold Summer or fall
Eggplant Seeds 5 Days Continues after 20 Gold 66 Gold Fall
Bok Choy Seeds 4 Days 50 Gold Fall
Yam Seeds 10 Days 60 Gold Fall
Cranberry Seeds 7 Days Continues after 240 Gold 143 Gold Fall
Sunflower Seeds 8 Days Yields more seeds at harvest 200 Gold Fall
Fairy Seeds 12 Days 200 Gold Fall
Amaranth Seeds 7 Days Harvest with scythe 70 Gold Fall
Grape Starter 10 Days Continues after 60 Gold Fall