The Skull Cavern is an area accessible in Stardew Valley. It is located at the northern end of the Calico Desert. To gain access, the player must find the Skull Key, which can be obtained from the lowest level of the Mine. Mr. Qi will reward the player for reaching level 25.

Enemies in this mine are a lot more powerful, and exploration is made more difficult by the fact that, unlike the mine near the town, you don't unlock fast-travel points using an elevator. The probability of getting rare drops is much higher here compared to normal mine in the town. In this cavern, every time you start, you will always start from the first floor. Bring lots of healing items if you intend to explore it! There is no end to the Skull Cavern.

The easiest way to get a lot of Iridium ore or rare drop is by descending into the lower level as fast as you can. Bringing a lot of stone is advised rather than bringing stairs since it is not stackable like stone does. The deeper you go, the greater the loot you will get. Bringing Mega Bomb s will make the job easier for clearing out those obstacles like rock, making it more efficient rather than using Pickaxe which is more time-consuming. Jumping down to hole rather than using stair will also do the trick but quite risky since you will get a certain damage when you are using the hole depending on how much floor are being skipped.

Remember to bail out when your food runs out or if it's getting nighttime. If you fainted in the cavern, you will be losing plenty of money (1000G) and several items, including your weapon, so be careful.


Image Name Note / Tip HP Dmg.
Armored Bug Unkillable with any weapon (except with the glitch) ∞ / N/A 8
Big Slime When killed, have a probability to split into smaller purple slime 60 5
Purple Slime Have a probability to inflict poison when it attacks 410 28
Lava Bat Same as the normal cave Lava Bat 80 15

Once dead , revives after a few seconds. Bring it's HP down and use any type of explosive to kill it.

260 +


Serpent Moves very fast toward player. Will go through any obstacle like ghost. Great Knockback weapon will do great for this / High damage weapon. 150 23
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