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If you're looking for the page of the game itself, see Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is the name of the region that the game takes place in. It is currently a small town; however, it is under threat from the Joja Corporation. It houses a variety of Villagers and a Farm. A Mine is located nearby. It is located in the Ferngill Republic, a country at war with the Gotoro Empire across the Gem Sea.[1]

Points of Interest

Pelican Town

The town will have a wide variety of buildings, including:

Cindersap Forest


  • Road Tunnel
  • Bus Stop



Secret / Unlockable Areas

  • Dwarf's Cave (Player must use an upgraded pick or an explosion to open the rock blocking the way in the Mines.)
  • Secret Woods (Small path at the westernmost edge of Cindersap Forest, north of the Wizard's tower. Blocked by a big log, requires a steel axe to access. Houses the Old Master Cannoli statue.)
  • Spa/Train Station (This area becomes accessible the first of Summer when you get the notice "An earthquake happens".)
  • Tidal Pools (Eastern half of the beach. Unlocked by rebuilding the bridge with 300 pieces of wood.)
  • Calico Desert (Reached by bus. Unlocked by completing all Vault challenges in the community center.)
  • Mr. Qi's Casino (Calico Desert Store Backroom. Unlocked by completing Mr. Qi's Challenge)
  • Quarry (Area east of the Adventurer's Guild, across the large broken bridge. Unlocked via the community center.)
  • The Sewers (Home of Krobus, 2 entrances: South of Cindersap Forest or south of Pelican Town)