Images are a great way to show content without the use of text. Images can be uploaded in a variety of formats including .jpg, .gif and .png. When uploading images, we ask that you please follow the below guidelines.

  • We encourage users to upload images of their farmer/farm/town to their userpage.
  • Please upload quality images. Images that are cut off, poorly cropped, or very small will be deleted at the discretion of the administrators.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, upload any image that has nothing to do with Stardew Valley and it's related properties. We don't need a bunch of random images sitting in the unused files section.
    • Do not upload any graphic images including nudity, porn, death, violence, racism, or anything else that may be inappropriate at the admin's discretion. This is an automatic ban.
    • Do not upload any images that advertise a paid service or a business. This is an automatic infinite ban. No Exceptions
  • Please do not add multiple images of the same thing on one page. A few images here or there are fine, but don't fill up the page with 500 different versions of one item.
    • If necessary, creating a gallery will help keep the images fluid.

Failure to follow the above policies will result in a warning or block from the wiki, depending on the severity and history of the user.

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