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This is a page where you can apply for moderator rights.




When voting, please use Support: and Oppose: and Comment:, and do remember to sign your username afterwards. A proposal must have at least 75% of supporting votes to be called a success.

People who applied can vote, but not for their own proposal. You should also give your honest opinion, not just because you really want to win and oppose because you want the other to lose, or even because you don’t like that person.

When voting for something has finished, the votes will be counted. If there are multiple people applying for the same thing and a few of those people have nothing but supporting votes, then the person with the most supporting votes will get the rights.

Votes should only be from people on this wiki. Do not advertise it on other wikis for more votes.


When proposing a position, explain why you want this position and what you think you could help with if you got it. Remember to sign your username after a proposal. Please format your title as Username (Rank) replacing username and rank with the appropriate information.

After making your proposal, you are allowed to link it on a post in discussions or on message walls of admins, though abuse of this privilege will result in your proposal being ended early. Even if you had the supporting votes needed, you will not get the moderator rights.

Nominating someone who you think would be a good moderator is also allowed, but check with the person before nominating them.


Right Powers Availability
Discussions moderator Edit, lock, and delete posts Not available
Content moderator Editing, moving, and deleting protected pages and files; rollback/patrolling; and protecting pages Available
Rollbacker One-click undo button and ability to flag edits as patrolled Available
Administrator All of the above, deleting pages, blocking users, protecting pages Available (must have at least 50 edits/100 posts to propose)
Bureaucrat Give administrator and bureaucrat rights to other users Not available (must be an administrator to propose)


Remember to sign your username after proposing and voting! All proposals will run for one week.