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The beach is one of the many locations in Stardew Valley. It is located to the south of Pelican Town and can be accessed through Pelican Town's entrance or by the use of a Warp Totem.

Points of Interest

Elliott's home can be found on the beach. He resides in a cabin found near the entrance of the beach.

The Fish Shop owned by Willy can be found on the docks of the beach.

A secondary area can be found to the east of the beach that can only be accessed after using 300 pieces of wood to repair the bridge. This secondary area hosts the Old Mariner who sells the Mermaid Pendant which allows the Player to get married. However, he is only there while it is raining. In this area, large quantities of beach collectible items such as Coral and Sea Urchin can be found. There are additionally tide pools (which the player cannot enter) on the other area.

The blue warp totem is located at the north-west portion of the beach.